Saturday, 6 June 2009

One Thousand Tiny Hummingbrids

Me and Tom went to London for a mini holiday and had a fantastic and extravagent time that I will touch upon in another post; I thought this one deserved it's own! Amongst other things, we managed to make a short trip to the Natural History Museum. Tom was anxious to relive his childhood and visit the dinosaurs section and the life-size blue whale suspended from the ceiling and then we both took in the taxidermy and fossils.

In the birds room was this incredible feature: a glass cabinet filled with hundreds of little hummingbirds. It is quite spectacular to behold, only the Victorians could have come up with something so beautiful and ethically questionable! I hope the fact that the poor things have been dead for a hundred years or more makes it ok for me to want it. If I could, I would have it in my flat, it would be quite a conversation piece.

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