Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Botanical Gardens

We have never been to Kew (gardens), but somehow this evening the idea of it took us rather forcefully and we decided for better or for worse to pool each living thing in our possession together and wade on in.

Naturally a soldier and a Lady were the obvious 'parts' with which to compliment our flora and f. I am wearing an amalgamation of uniforms spanning the wardrobe every soldier that has trotted of over the channel since Victoria died, not quite what the 'Order of the sealed knot' would call kosher but enough to make any young man puff out his chest and start welling up over the geraniums. I can hardly remember where most if it came from, the jacket was from somewhere in Bath at the high end of Walcot street (if you know where I mean you won't be able to remember the name either). I think the tie was from Sabre Sales in Portsmouth (good for red and white jackets), and the hat came via Maria's mother.

Maria is wearing an ebay dress that alomst got away; I was outbid at the last second and in my post losing despair I emailed the winner and asked how much they would be willing to part with it for. It turns out she only needed it for one fancy dress night and would sell it to me for what she paid for it! The moral of the story is, if you don't ask, you don't get.

My parasol is a 1920's cotton number from a rambling three storey antiques shop somewhere near the train station in Cardiff.

The cat decided he would like to join us. His name is Chester.


  1. Oh I love your blog so very much! You have the most wonderful aesthetic...whether its your clothes, apartment or the style of your photos:) Wonderful post!

  2. lovely little photos and your umbrella is darling!