Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Autumn Boots.

Every girl needs a new pair of boots for autumn; I have already written about my lust for riding boots, and am yet to find any in my financial realm, but these Kurt Geiger beauties, a steal off of eBay have that horsey look to them and are officially my autumn boots. They will be pounding the pavements of New York city in November- too exciting! Until then, the conkers are starting to fall and leaves are gathering in kickable quantities.

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Goodwood Revival.

There is not a lot I need to say about Goodwood Revival apart from that it is a perfect day out! Cars, planes and sharp suits for Tom, and vintage clothes stalls and the chance to spend a day as dressed up as I would like to be every day (though I am certainly not disinterested in the beautiful machines on show). Thanks to the wonderful April whom I bought my perfect plaid skirt off of, I had so many compliments!

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Christian Union Tablecloth

I got a present today, I usually do when Tom has been working in Otto. Today it was a large Christian Union table cloth. It is perfect for the top of my wooden chest; for some time now I have worried about my plants wreaking all sorts of water damage to it, now I don't!

Goodwood revival happened last weekend, unfortunately I have to wait until my Dad sends me some pictures to be able to share the experience. It was a wonderful weekend, I am quite sure we were the best dressed there.

Monday, 7 September 2009

Pin Curls

Me and Tom are going to Goodwood Revival in a couple of weeks and I thought I better get some hair-do practice in. I want to attend the event in a 1930's style, I haven't decided what to wear exactly, I think that will have to be a future blog post, but I tried pin curling my hair. I am lucky enough to have hair that more or less falls into waves anyway, I would imagine trying to pin curl straight hair is quite an art! I basically followed the lines of my natural curls and whilst holding them down with my fingers, pinned them with long bobby pins to keep them in place, then dried my hair and sprayed a lot of hairspray and then took out the pins and this was the result. Not bad, but I am going t have to learn how to do it at the back of my head, which is really difficult!