Friday, 29 May 2009

More Coquettes and a Forward Flapper

'Do you mind if I smoke?'- Well how could you refuse! The top image is from a book entitled 'The Grand Days of Travel'; she personifies the androginous yet extremely provocative flapper style, with her suit and tie, yet a glimpse of girlish stocking. Also note her rather sweet little dog friend. The whole books is very interesting with some great images (for example: a photo of a zeppelin flying over the pyramids- how 30's can you get?) but this is by far our favourite.

The other images are from the three other copies of 'La Coquette' which I finally managed to get my hands on, the dates ranging from early to mid thirties. I could kill for the tweed number second in from the right in the coats illustration. There is something for both me and Tom- planes and fashion, all you could want in a magazine cover really.


  1. I thought those were vintage patterns! Super cute.

  2. oh my, can't stop browsing your blog. thank you for all the inspiration I'm getting.