Sunday, 7 June 2009


As promised, these are a select few pictures from our trip to London; I would have liked a lot more to show, but I was so busy running round and doing things I really didn't have the time to take too many.

The first is the obligatory Thames at sunset photo, this was taken at about 10 o'clock whilst we were desperately trying to find Gordon's Wine Bar and some food, the wine bar was shutting when we finally got there so we ended up in a slightly dubious Italian place with bad wine, we did however, manage to go to the wine bar the next evening and ate way too much cheese.

On the second night after all the cheese we walked it off by detouring through Mayfair to get back to our hotel; we encountered this dapper lobster outside a rather special looking restaurant in Tom's favourite London haunt, Jermyn street.

By chance we found ourselves on an empty Lancaster Gate platform just as the train was arriving, I had to really rush and take a picture, it is not something that happens very often, especially at midday as it was!

Finally, I thought I would have a little rave about the hotel we stayed in, a certain London Elizabeth at the top of Hyde Park; I haven't stayed in many hotels at all, but this was by far the nicest (apart from a slightly scary barman). Thank you internet for finding this bargain deluxe room for us!

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