Saturday, 6 June 2009


I am getting pretty fond of shirts at the moment. They are just the sort of thing around which an endless and exciting search for the 'perfect collection' can be founded. A shirt is the base upon which all the rest of your clothes will have to sit, for example, have you ever seen somebody wearing a nice suit or trousers etc but somehow not felt it was quite 'right'? I'll bet five pounds it was the shirt rocking the boat. So many times you hear this sort of problem attributed to the tie which is a little unfair as quite often people choose ties to match their shirt. The shirt is the foundation, the canvas upon which everything else has to be arranged. And that is why they are so exiting.

Having read through the above I see it sounds a bit pretentious, sorry, I have been giving it quite a lot of thought the last few days and couldn't seem to phrase my conclusions in a less-formal way.

I always remember the the bit in Gatsby where he is showing Daisy around his house for the first time and he empties his wardrobe of shirts across the bed to impress his wealth upon her. She begins to cry and on asking her why she explains 'She had never seen so many beautiful shirts'. This is inspiring stuff, surely such a reaction is the goal of any shirt wearing man?

I will cut this entry short before I begin writing about favourite stripes and the cans of spray starch I've recently discovered in Sainsbury's.

Please enjoy my humble sample, I am wearing my current fav, it is a brown gingham check from Lugets in Exeter, Devon. The pale yellow check is a pretty close second though, and then of course there is the red stripe...


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  1. that's true, Gatsby trying to impress Daisy, sweet.