Monday, 8 June 2009

Inheritance Dresses.

Back in January I inherited a little bit of money from my late Nanny; my brother being the sensible one of us put his away so he can do his Masters degree next year, me being the rather insensible one went on a spree and bought three 1920's dresses. They are all bargains in their own right, but I do come out in a cold sweat when I think how much I spent on them. Never mind, at least they won't depreciate, an investment some might say!

The first one is from Steptoes' Dog vintage and apparently is from 1925; it has a sequined collar, which is what sold it to me, and is quite an unusual shape for that period. It is pretty unforgiving, so I will need to buy some heavy duty shaping underwear before its first public outing.

The second is an eBay find that is my favourite of the three; it is black silk with gauzy overlay and Roses embroidered in pink silks and fastened with a diamante brooch. It is in such good condition I don't have that awful feeling that I am about to do it serious damage by wearing it, I have worn it out to our favourite pub even!

The third is another eBay find, a rather brief little silk slip; it is in good condition but the silk ribbon straps have seen better days and trying to get the thing off is extremely inelegant. I think I will be able to get away with wearing it out with a slip undernethe it and a little bolero or shawl.


  1. WOW.!! All three dresses are looking sooo classy and elegant. I too love to wear vintage dresses.

  2. Thanks so much! I just need the occasions to wear them out now....

  3. Amazing!!! sorry to hear bout your granny. But buying these clothes could be a way to hommage her or the age when she was a girl?