Monday, 27 July 2009

New Trousers

About 30 seconds after my last post about my new skirt Tom walked in having tried on his new trousers and shoes; in my haste to get a nice picture to blog with I managed to rip my skirt on an annoying spike of metal that sticks out a small rip in the deco armchair just in view! I am so gutted; it usually has a chair cover over it to stop such accidents but I had just whipped it off as it would have looked a bit ugly in the picture, typical.

Anyway, Tom's trousers are from gentlemens outfitters Lugets of Exeter; it is always a thrill to find trousers that fit Tom as being of such a long, thin shape it can be near impossible sometimes. Lugets trousers come unfinished so that they can be hemmed to exactly the right length, and so are a bit longer than needed, perfect! Tom is a dab hand at hemming too which is lucky. They are a light and airy cotton and linen blend, not that we need light and airy trousers at the moment, damned English summers.

The shoes are a chance win off of eBay; they are Bally shoes and look rather lovely against the rich brown of the new trousers I think. They are very comfortable too I am assured. In fact come to think of it the tank top is pretty new too, it is from our friends' shop Electric Gypsy and is the perfect 'go with anything' cream colour, and I fancy it gives a little nod to Brideshead Revisited style.


  1. Oh my, what great finds, both of you! Tom looks so dashing, and Maria you do resemble a lady of the 30's:) Its too bad about your skirt you think its fixable?

    I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures of Sophie. She is quite the little rocket dog and does leave Dan and I giggling quite a lot of the time.

  2. Such a dandy :)