Monday, 20 July 2009

Birthday Hat and Other Aquisitions

Here are a couple of pictures of Maria in her new hat I very generously bought her for her Birthday. It is, apparently 1930's and is made exquisitely out of little sections of wood stitched together. It shines with that honey hue that nice old wood develops. The feather is from a guinea fowl, what pretty birds.

Seeing as we haven't posted anything in ages we thought we would take a couple of snaps of other new and exciting bits we've picked up of late. This pile of fabric was left over from a discarded job lot at an auction. Acres of silk and wool, some pretty old, even some scraps of Liberty! I have a new tie from this lot half sewn on top of the bookshelf at the moment...

Would you believe that someone from the houses behind us threw this bird cage away only the other day? Saved from the rain.

Maria's favourite jug, which has become a vase. Says Price Brothers on the bottom but sadly that doesn't mean much to us. Wish we had more of this, I really love the colours and I am sure Maria would agree.


  1. That birdcage is wonderful. People leave behind the most beautiful treasures sometimes.

  2. I know! Some of my favourite things have been found waiting for the dustbin man. It was even more fortunate that it was the eve before my birthday.

  3. Oh gosh, don't give up on your have at least one dedicated reader in me and I posted your link on my blog and nominated you two for a creative blogger you might just see more coming your way:)