Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Linen Suit Revival

Following an accident involving a prong of metal protruding from an arm chair and the right hand sleeve of my linen jacket I decided it was time for a bit of an over haul.

I had bought it a year ago from H&M of all places and never expected it to last this long but, seeing as it has I thought it deserved a bit of dedicated work.

The hole required patching (from the inside, I slipped the fresh cloth through the hole to make it less obvious) as I was saying the hole require patching, to get the fabric I needed it was obvious that the trousers would have to lose some of their length. They had never actually managed to reach all the way don to my ankles and I had never felt quite comfortable wearing them so shorts was the logical step to take.

I hope I have managed to create some sort of easy summer outfit whilst still conforming in some way to civilised ideas of what is proper gents wear, and saving my jacket which is a staple.

Excuse the creases, they need a second iron.

1 comment:

  1. I love the shorts suit! You look very dapper!